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Unable to Attend The Graduation Ceremony?

by Martin Lewis
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Graduation Package

The Graduation Ceremony is the ultimate reward for the hardworking student who has spent many a long day and night researching their chosen degree subject.

A question often heard is “I am unable to attend the Graduation Ceremony; can I still buy or hire my Graduation Gown?”

Graduation Attire can answer that question with an emphatic yes; in fact, it is our speciality.

Graduation Attire has realised that there were a growing number of students who were unable to attend their Graduation Ceremony for various reasons but still wanted to hire or buy the Graduation Gown and Cap for studio photography or private events.

Reasons for not being able to attend the Graduation Ceremony could be:

  • Out of the country
  • Sick
  • Too expensive
  • Unhappy with photographs from the day
  • Want additional photos with friends and family


Graduation Attire has created a specific service to help the student overcome the disappointment of missing their Graduation Day.

Prices start from £30.00 for the basic package.

This service includes delivery, 5 days of hire and you will also receive a returns envelope to return the item afterwards.

So don’t panic if you can’t attend your Graduation Ceremony, we are here to assist you with all things Graduation.

Call 01234 880956 or visit www.graduationattire.co.uk to hire your Graduation Cap and Gown.



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