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Home Graduations – How to Celebrate During Lockdown

by Dominic Chandler
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If you’re getting caught up in not knowing what is going on, don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Amongst the many things the education institutions are currently deciding on is what changes to graduation ceremonies are going to take place.

One thing we want especially to praise the schools and universities for is the work they are doing to not let the current situation deter students from taking their next step once they complete their course, making sure that the support is there for students.

We believe in celebrating achievement no matter what and are ready to support the schools, colleges and universities with what actions they decide to take. 

Looking across the pond, we’ve got an idea of how students might be celebrating this summer and that is by having themselves an at-home graduation.

Woman in red dress and graduation cap spraying champagne

Virtual Now, Physical Later

Some Universities in the UK are already having virtual graduations where the students stay home and join via video conferencing. This has mainly been for medical students so they can join the NHS workforce. However, they intend to hold physical ones with the full pomp and circumstance at a later date.

This may be what other Universities & Colleges do as not everyone can go down the Sims, Minecraft or robot route. Instead, the organisers will stream the event with the students’ names being called out with their image and music.

You can even look the part by wearing the attire from one of our Home Graduation Packs.

Alternatively, you can even stream your ceremony with your family presenting you your very own custom-designed certificate. It can even be in Comic Sans!

The Home Graduation After Party

Following a virtual ceremony, it only makes sense to have a virtual after-party next. 

There are a multitude of sellers online offering home decorations for graduations, there’s been an increase in “Honk for the Grad” signs appearing online if you want to get the outside world involved in your celebrations.

The most important thing, of course, is getting together with friends on video chat apps and playing a series of Graduation Games, we would recommend ‘Are You Smarter Than A Graduate?” if you want to show off to your parents.

Also, if you did treat yourself to one of our Home Graduation Packs then that means the cap and graduation gown are yours to customise as you see fit. Whether it’s covering the cap in Batman stickers are adding punk rock spikes, make the look your own.


With the current situation, we felt it important to highlight some of the important work others are doing on getting everyone through the situation as quickly and safely as we can.

Over on our store, we are donating 10% of all sales to the FeedTheNHS fund as a way of thanking them for their hard work.

We are also involved with brthe. who are raising funds to provide care homes and workers with the protective supplies they are in need. If you are able to provide support, you can do so via their gofundme.

Whatever you do, we at Graduation Attire hope you take the time to celebrate your achievements however you can.

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