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BBC Breakfast Celebrates Lauren and Goldie’s Graduation

by Dominic Chandler
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Lauren and Goldie's graduation  - Evess Group

The BBC Breakfast show recently paid tribute to the outstanding achievements by Lauren Pitt and her guide dog ‘Goldie’. Lauren lost her sight through a degenerate eye condition when just a teenager and as she came to terms with her condition she enrolled at the University of Gloucester to study for her Applied Theology degree. With the support of Goldie the guide dog she completed her degree and graduated with full honours.

Lauren and Goldie took to the stage both wearing the traditional Cap and Gown. But how did Lauren get a perfect fitting cap and gown for Goldie?

 The idea for a graduation hat and gown for Goldie first surfaced when Martin Lewis of Graduation Attire met Lauren and Goldie at a charity guide dog exhibition. Martin was astonished when Lauren informed him she would never have finished her degree without the support of Goldie. Martin then suggested it would be wonderful to make Goldie a specially adapted cap and gown when accompanying Lauren on stage to receive her honour.

The Graduation Attire team took some measurements and made the graduation garments for Goldie.

 At the Graduation Ceremony both looked fabulous as they walked across the stage to receive Lauren’s certificate.

 A big well done to Lauren and Goldie and also to Graduation Attire for making their day extra special.

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