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Graduation Ideas: How to have a memorable day

by Dominic Chandler
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Graduation day is approaching fast and it will be one of those days you’ll probably never forget.

Why not make your graduation day unique by putting your own personal stamp on the day?

Read our graduation ideas for inspiration….

Graduation Ceremony Ideas

The structure of the graduation ceremony is probably set in stone already, with strict timings, seating orders and instructions to follow. So how can you make sure that your ceremony isn’t just the same as every other ceremony at every other university? Small personal touches can help make your graduation day one to remember.

How about singing or playing a song as you walk into the ceremony room and take your seat? You’ll need to choose a song that means something to your academic cohort, or perhaps choose one of the traditional and emotive graduation songs. This may take a little bit of organisation but it will be worth it to see everyone smiling and reflecting on their university memories before the ceremony starts.

You could also try to arrange for you and your peers to wear or carry something that unites you and celebrates your collective success. For example, you could all wear a specific item of jewellery or carry something pretty or sparkly as you enter the room; we’ll let your imaginations run with this one. This can of course be placed under your chair during the ceremony, or it could be waved in the air while you cheer on your friends as they collect their awards. How about waving a cute graduation teddy? Or you could opt for an accessory linked to your year of graduation. Think about what would be personal to you and your fellow students and get creative!

Graduation Ideas, Celebrate

Take the Best Graduation Ceremony Pictures

During the ceremony, you will be snapped as you shake hands with the Chancellor and collect your award, and a professional photographer may also take your picture before or after the ceremony. But you’ll probably want to take your own pictures to capture more personal memories of the day.

One of the classic graduation ideas for picture poses is a group of friends throwing their mortar boards into the air. This is a difficult one to capture and it may take a few attempts to get the timing right! Other cool graduation picture ideas could be a group of graduates standing on a staircase or steps on different levels, or friends and family clinking champagne glasses.

You will need a few serious pictures to frame for family members, such as the traditional pose of you holding your scroll and smiling, but lots of graduates like taking some funny graduation photos as well. Get ready to pull silly faces, jump in the air or try creating a pyramid pose! Don’t forget to get some graduation photo frames so you display your pictures around the house, or maybe by your computer in your new office?

Graduation Ideas, Photographs

Graduation Cake Ideas

Probably not something you had considered when you were thinking about graduation ideas, but why not? We have wedding cakes, birthday cakes and cakes for most special occasions; so why should graduation be any different?

This could be a cake you and your friends make or you could all chip in to order a special custom designed professional cake. We’re thinking a mortar board topping or a creative design based on the subject you are graduating in.

Whether you think the cake should be enjoyed with bubbly straight after the ceremony, or later on at an after party is up to you! Talking of after parties….

Graduation Ideas, Cake

Graduation Party Ideas

Who says graduation day has to end after the ceremony? You may have family staying with you or in nearby accommodation, so you’ll probably want to include them in at least some of the post-ceremony celebrations. Plus, they may want to congratulate you with a thoughtful greeting card or graduation gift.

After the ceremony, photographs and bubbly, it will probably be late in the afternoon. We suggest booking a table somewhere in your university town where you can enjoy a nice celebratory meal, perhaps with the family members of your closest uni friends as well.

These family celebrations are important – your parents will be extremely proud of you! But later in the evening you might want to throw a house party or take the party to your favourite university pubs, bars and clubs…it’s up to you whether parents are invited or not! This could be your last night with your uni friends so go big. We’re thinking fancy dress, body glitter, balloons, confetti and all things colourful (including the cocktails). Cheers!

Graduation Day, Cheers

Graduation Outfit Ideas: Wear Something Unique

People often ask how to dress for graduation day, including what to wear under the robe and what shoes to wear. Why not also think of some unique graduation day outfit ideas?

We have a new product that is perfect for graduates who want to make their outfit unique. We’re talking cutting edge style robes that are also good for the environment. Intrigued? Find out more information and browse all of our graduation gowns for inspiration.

Don’t forget to check out our full range of graduation attire.

Graduation Ideas, Memorable Day


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