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Introducing the Brand New NTU Graduation Gowns

by Dominic Chandler
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Graduation gowns are always evolving, with new designs marrying modernity with the historical traditions and values that made the gowns so special in the first place. 

The brand new NTU graduation gown design reflects the current ideals of Nottingham Trent University’s ideals without losing the historical touch. Read on to learn about the origins of the new NTU gown and how it fits into the university’s overall image. 

What is the New NTU Graduation Gown?

The new ceremonial gown and hood being introduced to NTU graduations was designed in a competition between current NTU fashion degree students. The task was to create a distinctive and original look for graduation gowns that add a unique style and flair to the ceremony proceedings. 

The winning gown was designed by MA Fashion and Creative Pattern Cutting student Georgia Stevenson. She worked closely with our Graduation Attire suppliers to bring the design to life right on time for the next wave of graduation ceremonies. 

In collaboration with Evess, Georgia Stevenson headed the design of a range of gowns for a range of educational awards, including:

  • Undergraduate
  • Bachelors
  • Post-graduate 
  • Masters
  • Doctoral
  • Honorary doctorate

Creating the NTU Graduation Gown

To celebrate the university’s image and appeal, Stevenson took her inspiration from the university’s architecture and prominent features of photographs taken during graduation ceremonies. 

One such feature was the angles of the Arkwright building. The regality and majestic nature of the historic building became reflected in the cut of the graduation hood, a neat and elegant angular triangle. The hood is accented by colourful borders or white lining, helping it to stand out as an important feature of the graduation ensemble. 

The colour of the hood centres the university’s signature pink paired with NTU’s coat of arms, allowing the gown to represent a strong sense of university pride and making these custom gowns one-of-a-kind for Nottingham Trent.

The gowns were also designed with comfort in mind, so that they are more suitable than ever for long ceremonies and celebrations after receiving your award. The gender-neutral design forgoes the neckband or buttonhole usually used in tandem with your clothes to hold the gown in place. 

With this innovative new design, the gown won’t slip back around your throat and you will be able to have more freedom in what you wear beneath your graduation attire. 

NTU Gown Sustainability

One of the biggest draws of Stevenson’s creation is the dedication to factoring in sustainable fashion choices. 

Each gown is made from 30 post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, cutting down on plastic waste and ensuring that less fabric is used in the gown-making process. This means there is reduced landfill waste and natural resources and energy are being conserved. 

The graduation hood on its own is made from cuts and folds in a single rectangular piece of fabric, further supporting the drive to minimise fabric waste during production and resulting in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The Meaning Behind the NTU Graduation Gown

Graduation ceremonies are a point of pride for students and universities alike and the new gown design reflects these values, celebrating the university colours and creating a stronger sense of unity and community between the student and the campus. 

Having been around in some shape or form since medieval times, it’s important for graduation gowns to improve and develop to stay relevant to modern graduates without sacrificing tradition or formality. 

Just because graduation gowns and hoods have become more ceremonial and less practical in academic fields, it doesn’t mean that they have to be forgotten about. As with all graduation gowns, the NTU gown marks an important step in a student’s journey as they progress onto the next stage of their life. 

With the unique flair and specific university symbolism of the new graduation gown, students will be able to hold onto more personal memories that reflect their positive educational experience and help them to appreciate everything the university did for them on their journey. 

Georgia Stevenson’s innovative graduation gown design has paved the way to a brighter future for Nottingham Trent, encouraging students to celebrate their graduation with renewed vigour, revitalising the ceremony for future students. 

Make sure to have your Student ID number and size measurements on hand when you’re booking your NTU graduation gown and get your booking in as soon as possible to guarantee their availability on the day of your graduation. 

You can find out more information about our NTU gown collection, including hoods, gowns, caps and graduation gifts that will help to make your special day all the more memorable and eventful.

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