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7 Ideas for Graduation Gifts

by Dominic Chandler
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Graduating from university is a massive achievement, and the day itself is a wonderful occasion for graduates and their families. Just like any other special occasion, commemorating the moment with a gift is a nice way to show your happiness and admiration for their accomplishments. But what does one get for a graduate?

Fortunately, there are several options that are sentimental and add to the feelings of pride and accomplishment. Additionally, many gift choices are tailored to the specifics of a graduation and offer ways to ensure the achievement lives long in the memory.

Ideas for Graduation Gifts

Diploma Tubes

Often the best gifts are simple yet meaningful, and that’s precisely what you get with a diploma tube. Diploma tubes, which can be customised (kindly note that this option is available when ordering 50 or more), ensure graduates and their families have a safe and mobile place to keep that all-important certificate. The two-piece design has a deluxe leather effect finish and can hold an A4 certificate. Also, if you would like to add a special touch to the ceremony, you can add a crest, emblem, or logo.

Certificate Frames

Graduating from university is a huge achievement for both the graduate and their supportive family, so you can’t blame them for wanting to show off the certificate at home. Certificate frames are a brilliant way to preserve the certificate while providing an ideal display solution. Our certificate display frames are for A4, with the option to choose a traditional frame with a veneer finish and 12 unique colour options or a more minimalist modern style frame.

However, you could opt for something a bit more special. We also offer a dual graduation certificate and photo frame in traditional and modern styles. This means that graduates and their families can display such an essential certificate of achievement alongside a wonderful picture of the cap and gown-wearing graduate.

Graduation Photo Frame

Ah, the classic! Many households worldwide feature proudly displayed graduation photo frames, whether for parents, grandparents, other family members, or the graduate! Graduating from university is by no means an easy thing to do and takes years of hard work — so it’s an occasion that should be celebrated appropriately. Displaying a photo of a graduate on their graduation day is a fantastic reminder of how far they have come as an individual and the exciting future ahead.

Mortarboard Hat Display Frame

Are you looking for a display frame with a special touch and unique aesthetic? Look no further. This display frame provides a fun and effective way of showing off a graduation certificate, with a mortarboard hat design that can easily be hung up or propped up for display. It features a classic wooden design and is available in various colourways. Simply choose whichever colour you love the most.

Graduation Teddy Bear

Over our many years in the industry, we’re always pleasantly surprised by just how much people love our Graduation Teddy Bear! This cute little soft-furred bear stands tall at 11.5cm and wears a mortarboard cap, and even has a little scroll. This is the perfect gift for graduates as it serves well as a reminder of a truly special day spent with loved ones.


Cufflinks have been a symbol of excellence, style, and reputation for many years. So what better way to congratulate and show respect to graduates than by presenting them with an incredible set of cufflinks? After all, one must look their sharpest at a graduation ceremony. We have graduation-themed cufflinks available from Onyx-Art, which are available in three distinct designs — graduation cap, book, and ‘genius’ text. 

Are you looking for the perfect graduation gift? At Evess, we offer a wide range of graduation gift ideas alongside high-quality caps, gowns, stoles and other accessories. Check out our online store to find everything you need to make a graduation ceremony that extra bit special!

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