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After Graduation – What Next?

by Martin Lewis
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The graduation day is a momentous and exciting occasion in the undergraduates life. But when the celebrations have ended what are the options for the new graduate?

One of the options is to take a year out commonly known as the gap year. A number of individuals take the ‘gap year’ for many reasons, the two popular ones being financial and what career choice to make next.

According to the bureau of labor statistics, in October 2014, 68 percent of 2014 high school graduates enrolled in colleges and universities. Almost twice as many graduates who enrolled the year before were working or looking for work that’s 73 percent compared to 38 percent.

In this day and age going to university and obtaining your degree is not a guarantee to landing a top well paid job. This fact is highlighted in a BLS report titled “High Wages after High School – Without a Bachelor’s Degree”.The report shows there are many well paid careers that do not require a bachelor’s degree. However the potential undergraduate must not be warned off from working towards that big graduation day.

The feeling of achievement and pride as you are laden in your graduation gown is an experience second to none. Career and academic choices need to be made by the individual taking into account all of the options available.

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