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Graduation Ceremony FAQs

by Martin Lewis
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For most people attending a university, they may well only attend one graduation ceremony in their lifetime – but for an event that is pretty much once-in-a-lifetime, there’s an awful lot of preparation and ceremony to factor in.

So, what can you do to make sure you’re in line with graduation etiquette and ticking all the boxes on this important day?

Well, we’ve assembled a Graduation Ceremony FAQ that should help you hit your stride in in time to collect your sheepskin.

How long do Graduation Ceremonies last?

This obviously varies from institution to institution, but the average time for a ceremony clocks in at about an hour.

The main use of time will be for graduates to go on stage and collect their certification, so larger classes or combined faculty ceremonies will make for a longer event.

How early should I arrive at my Graduation Ceremony?

Many universities suggest arriving at the venue of the ceremony two hours ahead of the official starting time.

This might seem excessive, but there’s plenty of queuing to be done, picking up guest tickets and completing the registration process, in addition to the more fun things like chatting to your classmates and getting photos taken.

With that in mind, it’s well worth getting to your ceremony as early as possible to ease your nerves!

Can I sit with my family/guests at my Graduation Ceremony?

Again, this varies my university but the usual rule of the thumb is you won’t be allowed to sit with your guests during the ceremony?

Why is this the case? Well, the ceremony needs to fit into a schedule, and proceedings can be kept to a consistent pace if all the graduates don’t have to clamber over guests from all corners of the venue.

Will I collect my award certificate at my ceremony?

Usually the presentation on stage is of a ceremonial certificate, meaning that you’ll get your actual certification in the post at a later date.

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