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Announcement: Kent & Medway Apprentice Graduation Ceremony Goes Virtual

by Dominic Chandler
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We’ve had an astounding amount of interest in our Graduations.LIVE virtual graduation platform and we’re proud to say that Kent and Medway Apprentice Graduation Working Group have partnered with ourselves to recognise their students’ achievements this October. 

Graduation Attire has always been focused on celebrating achievement and due to the necessary restrictions caused by COVID-19 we have developed a new virtual graduation platform to ensure that no achievement goes unmarked this year.

We’ll be partnering with Kent and Medway Apprentice Graduation Working Group to deliver a ceremony that still has the aspects that made their first ceremony in 2019 so great including their amazing guest speakers, whilst providing additional content to give students a day that will last in their memories and across their social media!

The Graduations.LIVE platform gives more than just a ceremony online but also includes a number of digital activities graduates can participate in to reminisce on their journey in the build up to their big day.

Martin Lewis, Managing Director of Graduation Attire who are hosting the virtual event, said, “We’re thrilled to be helping Kent and Medway celebrate the hard earned achievements of their graduates this October. We’ve put in a lot of thought into how we can make this a memorable event for everyone and produced an intuitive platform that we are incredibly proud of.”

Paul Winter, a member of the Kent and Medway Apprentice Graduation Working Group project team and chairman of Wire Belt, explained: “Last year we were lucky enough to congratulate 100 apprentices in Rochester Cathedral together with their employers, friends and family but due to COVID-19 this no longer seems viable. 

“We were determined to continue to show our support of apprenticeships so we are pleased to say we will adapt and hold a virtual celebration on Friday 2nd October..”

If you want to make sure your graduates have an opportunity to celebrate you can see what we can deliver on our website you can discover more on our website or book a demo today

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