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by Martin Lewis
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Barrister Wig


Although the wearing of Barrister Wigs is classed as old school, 21st-century British judges and barristers still wear the same wigs and Barrister Robes when they go to court, however, is the wearing of Barristers wigs and Legal Robes still acceptable in modern society?

British courts started wearing robes in the 14th century, however not all were black some medieval judges wore coloured gowns in green, violet or red dependant on the season. Black became the standard colour at the end of the 17th century when Britain went into mourning for King Charles II.

In the courts of today, judges and legal representatives are required to wear Barristers Wigs and Robes, although a barrister’s dress is less ornate. Legal wigs were added to the legal dress code in the 18th century and became fashionable.

Professor Charles Yablon from the Cardozo School of Law says the wigs and robes were introduced into the courtroom for a simple reason: “In short, English judges and barristers began wearing legal wigs and robes because everybody in polite society was wearing legal wigs and robes in those days. They continue to wear them because nobody has ever told them to stop.”

Those who support the continuing wearing of Barristers Wigs and Gowns says it enforces a solemnity and authority of the law for criminals who otherwise devalue it. The practical benefit is that it helps disguise the courtroom officials should any criminal try to find them for revenge.

However, in the past ten years changes are becoming evident, Barristers need not wear the traditional wig and gown when they stand before the supreme court, civil or family cases; officials in family court still wear robes, but they’re much more simplified. Legal wigs are now only required in criminal cases.

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             Barristers Gown, Wig and Band Set                                            Barristers Gown

 Barrister Gown and Wig Set                    Barrister Gown



                        Barristers Band                                                            Barrister’s Wig     


          Barrister Band                                         Barrister Wig


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