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Get Creative with your Graduation Photo Frames

by Felipe
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If you want to make your graduation day memories have an exciting and different edge, then get creative with our Flexible, Stackable Photo Frames.


We’ve all seen them on the mantelpiece of our parents, the standard graduation photo. Slight angle, cap and gown on, slight smile. It serves its purpose for our proud parents, but it’s not really the image we’d have in our own space is it?


Fear not, you can now have your own graduation memories displayed in a new and unique way.


They are called the Leggy Horse Creative Stackable Photo Frame, phew! You deserve a degree just for reading the name.

So the neat thing about these frames are that they are modular. So, depending on the photo’s you want to use and how creative you are, each stack can look completely different.

What’s more, if you decide you want a change, or you want to add a new section to your stack, you can. The photo frames are modular, so you can keep on adding new frames, or have a complete refresh and create something new.

Hold on, there’s more.


The best part of these photo frames is you can attach your frames to virtually any surface using just one nail or a suction module to stick it to glass (just select the right set).

Find out what you get in the box here. Visit our Photo Frame page


These creative graduation photo frames look stunning and are only limited by your own creativity, but they also make a really innovative gift for a friend.

They can be ordered online now, just follow this link Creative Stackable Photo Frame, or call us on  01234 880956and speak to one of our team who will help you get creative!

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