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To Hire or Buy a Graduation Gown?

by Dominic Chandler
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The hard work is over, the dissertation has been handed in, now just the Graduation Ceremony to plan for, ‘just the Graduation Ceremony to plan for’ these words will bring their own complications.

However, one question that presents itself to would-be graduates year-after-year is “shall I hire or buy my graduation gown?”

In the past graduation outfits have been traditionally hired or purchased for their forthcoming Graduation Ceremony. However, there are benefits available for the graduate who has chosen to appoint an official supplier to provide their Graduation outfits such as reduced rental fees and guaranteed availability.

 In the past buying, a gown was very much out of reach for students looking to buy their own gowns on a modest budget. Graduation Attire are an official supplier of Graduation Caps and Gowns who offer students who have appointed them a wide range of benefits. Not only do the students benefit from better rental prices, but Graduation Gown purchase prices are considerably cheaper than most, making buying a much more realistic option for those who are on a modest budget.

If you choose to buy your gown you are guaranteed availability weeks in advance of your Graduation Ceremony which rules out any problems of availability when hiring close to the ceremony and you will not have to worry about returning your gown before your deadline, or worry about soiling it on graduation day and having to pay for it in full.

 Buying a graduation gown will allow you to have a wonderful memento of a day that you’ve worked hard for years to achieve.

If you buy a graduation gown you are probably thinking ‘what will I do with my graduation gown after Graduation Day?’, here are some suggestions:

  • You may be using your gown if you’re finishing a PGCE or other teaching qualification.

  • Vocalists may find themselves wearing them when singing in a church choir.

  • Pass your gown down to younger siblings.

Decisions will have to be made to decide if hiring or buying a graduation gown is the right choice for the individual however if you choose Graduation Attire as the official supplier you can be guaranteed that if you choose to hire or buy, we will save you money.

We are the graduation gown specialists, who offer top quality graduation products at prices that are so reasonable that it is often a better option than hiring.

Call today on 01234 880956 and speak to our friendly experienced team.

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