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Graduation Gowns and Wedding Gowns

by Dominic Chandler
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During a recent graduation ceremony held by the University of Bedfordshire, one graduate got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend during the group photo shoot at Harpur Square.

Over 800 students adorned in graduation gowns gasped in amazement as Lora Pilana’s boyfriend Edison got down on one knee and proposed. When she replied with a yes the whole place erupted in cheers and congratulations resulting in one big group hug.

The ceremony held in the corn exchange was followed by a procession and a civic ceremony celebrating all the graduates achievements and some honorary awards were presented for outstanding achievement.

There was an honorary doctorate presented to actor and musician Matt Berry for his contribution to the arts. Matt said his proud parents were sitting in the front row and went on to say:

“ It was a big honour to receive the degree and be invited to their ceremony. “I know people put so much effort into their PHD- I have a degree in fine arts, so I know what it entails.”

Jazz musician Jacqui Dankworth also received an Honorary Doctorate.

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