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Should School Staff Wear Academic Dress?

by Dominic Chandler
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Academic dress is usually reserved for graduation ceremonies but a leading history teacher is calling for school staff to wear academic dress.

Academic caps and gowns are not commonplace in state schools any more however there are teachers in private schools who wear gowns and hoods for teaching, in the chapel, academic awards, formal events and assemblies. The hood is the indicator of the field of the degree that the wearer has. The gown indicates the level (bachelors, masters or PhD).

A teacher wearing a hood and gown in the classroom is a visual reminder of the effort and engagement that he or she had to endure to become a member of this educated community. All teachers hold degrees in their chosen subjects and should be entitled to wear hoods and gowns.

Leading history practitioner John David Blake stated the following:

“Teachers are not their pupils’ friends, or fellow students, or parents, but something else that combines aspects of all of these and significantly more. They are entitled to respect for their academic accomplishments and for their work; a mark of the distinction of their role and of their own achievements would, I think, be no bad thing.”

“I don’t imagine schools will be rushing to reintroduce the gown for their staff, but I do hope that more people will start to wonder why universities have kept them and we have not. After all, are our greatest houses of learning those places with the richest research or those where the foundational work of learning for life is done? Why should university colleagues be resplendent in their gowns and teachers be left in the cold?”

This leads to the next question “will schools want to introduce the wearing of academic dress in their classrooms?”  If the answer is yes contact Graduation Attire who stock a vast range of gowns and hoods suitable for the teaching profession.

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