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5 things to remember when purchasing your Graduation Photo Frames

by Dominic Chandler
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Congratulations, you’ve recently graduated or will be soon! So now it’s time to decide how best to display your degree certificate and professional photographs from the day.

Something that you may not be aware of is that there are several different styles of graduation photo frames to choose from to display your pictures and certificate.

Whether you’re looking for a double frame to display your certificate and professional photo in your room, a photo only frame to take pride of place in your parents’ living room, or some creative stackable frames to use as fun graduation gifts, we’ve got you covered.

Below you can see the variety of options you have to display both your graduation photos and your degree certificate.

1. Buy a frame that suits YOUR needs

Buying a frame can actually be more of a difficult process than you initially may think when going on the internet and googling “Graduation Photo Frame”. Frames come in all shapes and sizes, from smaller and large single frames, to dual picture and certificate holding frames and even frames that can be made into different shapes to suit any room design.

If you have been an arts student, then why not have a look at our Leggy Horse Frame Options which offer a very different aesthetic for your graduation pictures in any room!


2. Displaying it in the right place

Your graduation picture is unique. Graduation photos have a special meaning that’s different for each person. For some it is the honour of showing that you have been successful in your degree, and for others it’s the tangible piece of memorabilia to show that even though at school you weren’t the smartest person in your class, you still managed to come out with a degree which will help you to succeed in life.

Therefore, different people will want to display their “graduation tangibles” anywhere from the office desk to above the mantlepiece. Throughout our range, we can help you to do this for the variety of sizes you may need.


3. Don’t forget to choose the right frame insert!

When looking at a frame, the colour of the frame can seem like the most important and essential part to choose correctly. Well, although this is true, something that people often forget is the colour of the insert to go around your graduation picture inside the frame! This is so important and in choosing, requires you to match the colour with a few things:

  • University Colours

  • Colours that work well together

  • Colours that you like

Do not forget about this…it’s more important than you think!


4. Might your family like to display your pictures in other places?

As the graduate enjoying the moment, you may forget how amazing the day was for your family as well as yourself. They will have been incredibly proud of you and will want to remember the day just as much, if not more than you!

And of course, you cannot forget grandmas or uncles who weren’t able to be there on the day. Those pictures can give them a glimpse into the amazing celebratory day that you had. Make sure that if you are buying frames you purchase a range that can be used for the whole family!


5. The Potential for your Graduation Photos is endless!

The biggest thing to remember with your Graduation Photos and Certificate is that they are kept in the way that suits you the most. With the event still fresh in everyone’s minds, the best thing you can do to help your decision is to think how you will want to view your frames in the future. Will you want them to look professional with a traditional edge, or would you instead prefer your pictures to be forever displayed in an arty design? That’s the decision YOU need to make!

We hope you’ve found a bit of inspiration for your graduation certificate and photograph framing. Browse all of our frames here and make sure you get enough for all of your proud family members!

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