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Nursery Graduation Ceremony. Why it’s improtant for your child?

by Dominic Chandler
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Nursery graduation ceremonies are growing in popularity in the UK. That’s right, three and four year olds graduating from pre-school is now viewed as a normal thing. The nursery graduation ceremony may still be quite new to the UK, but kindergarten graduation ceremonies have been taking place in America for around 50 years.

We must say, children do look cute dressed up in mini graduation gowns and mini mortarboards and it definitely makes for some really special photographs. Nursery graduations create lovely memories for parents and grandparents and they are a great way of marking children’s transition from nursery school to junior school.


The nursery graduation ceremony is great for children’s confidence

Many parents worry that a nursery graduation ceremony might be daunting for their children, aged just three or four. Children might be a little bit apprehensive, as they would be before a nativity play or before starting a new school. But these new experiences are great for kids’ confidence and personal development.

A nursery graduation ceremony usually includes a small presentation, followed by the children collecting their certificates. There is also often a little party for children and their families afterwards. The day is intended to be both fun and memorable for children and their families. If it’s talked about as more of a party and celebration, children are less likely to become nervous about it.

Dressing up in different clothes, listening to their nursery teachers praising them, and collecting their ‘diploma’ in front of their family is a rewarding experience for children which can really help improve their self-confidence. You can frame their nursery graduation photographs and their certificates to create long-lasting memories.


Nursery graduation ceremonies teach children about completing different milestones in life

Celebrating children’s achievements at nursery is excellent for their self-esteem but it also teaches them about transitions and completing different milestones in life. Leaving nursery school and moving onto junior school is a significant milestone in a child’s life.

Nursery graduation ceremonies teach children about change as they move onto a new chapter of their life. It also teaches them that change can be a positive experience, which is really important.

Children change, grow and develop so much during these early years, so the ceremonies are a great way of celebrating this. A nursery graduation marks an important transition period in their lives. It’s a chance to reflect on their wonderful journey so far!


A nursery graduation ceremony gives children the mind-set that they could graduate again in the future

Although opportunities to graduate for real from university may seem a long way off, a nursery graduation does sow the seed in the child’s mind, and indeed in the parents’ minds. Nursery graduations may happen when children are still very young but they do help to raise children’s aspirations.

In fact, the mortarboard is a global symbol of aspiration and achievement. So dressing up is a big part of the event. A nursery graduation ceremony represents the first milestone in a child’s educational journey, so celebrating it helps them to learn how important their education is.

It may not seem like they have achieved anything academically at such a young age, but actually nursery school helps them to develop many skills which will help them during the next stage of their education. Praising them for these achievements will encourage them to do their best throughout their educational journey.


Nursery graduation ceremonies are happy and exciting events for children and parents

We’ll be honest, there probably won’t be a dry eye in the house. Nursery graduations and indeed University graduations tend to have an emotional effect on the graduates’ loved ones. Expect many tear-stained faces on parents!

At some nursery graduations, the staff say something about each child’s progress and at some the children entertain their parents with songs and poems. All of this is bound to pull at the parents’ heart strings! It may also be their first opportunity to find out how their child behaves away from home and how they interact with other children and adults.

Despite the tears, a nursery graduation ceremony is a happy and momentous occasion for all involved. The day will be an exciting one for the children, who often have happy memories of dressing up in fancy clothes, singing songs, being given a certificate (maybe for the first time) and celebrating with party food and games after the ceremony.

If your child, grandchild or little person in your life has a nursery graduation ceremony coming up soon, get set to feel proud, emotional and happy all at once.

It’s a lovely opportunity to mark the next chapter in their life and watch them be praised for their development and achievements.

We have everything you need to make this special day memorable. Our nursery graduation gowns, caps and stoles are available in a variety of different colours in a traditional, matte or shiny finish. We also sell graduation teddy bears and other memorabilia to help your children remember their first graduation. Find the perfect mini graduation outfit for your child and have a brilliant graduation day!


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