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Perfect Graduation Gift Ideas – Presents for your special graduate.

by Dominic Chandler
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Perfect Graduation Gift Ideas

When looking for the perfect Graduation gift ideas it is easy to get lost. What can help today’s graduates feel special and give them a lasting memory of one of the most important days of their lives? 

There have been some considerable changes to the way graduations have been happening due to the current global pandemic. That has thrown many a spanner in the works for students hoping to have typical celebrations while donning their gowns and mortarboards. Yet with so many graduations having to be completed digitally and some with reduced numbers, it can be disappointing for the graduate not to be able to share those memories with their family and the friends they have spent years with completing their degrees.

The perfect Graduation gift can help to provide the graduates with something to remind them of this special day, but finding something memorable can be a daunting task. Stepping away from the generic gift-giving and trawling through places like Amazon for gifts can be difficult. So we have put together some ideas that will help you to give a gift and a memory. 


Certificate Frames


A certificate frame is a perfect gift for many reasons. A traditional frame allows the graduate to showcase their achievements in the family home, own home or workspace. With our extensive range of mount board colours, you can either match the university or choose the tone favoured by your graduate. The traditional veneer frame, which is paired with a classic gold line on the inside, is perfect for any professional office or workspace. 

The traditional frame is also available in a dual certificate and photo frame.


If you wish to have a more contemporary look, our modern frames could be just the thing you are looking for. It’s clean black finish on a wooden frame, will fit any wall of a modern apartment or home. Much like its traditional predecessor, the modern frame will once again protect your certificate with its sturdy build and glass front, enabling your achievements to be displayed in style.

The modern frame is also available in a dual certificate and photo frame.


Graduate Certificate Folder

The graduate certificate folder is a perfect way to cleanly store and preserve your certificates if you are worried about sun damage. Papers can easily get lost, crushed and ruined, especially when moving home or leaving the parents nest to start your professional career. Our folders are available in various colours, and a luxury leatherette finish will ensure your memory is kept the same as the day you received it. These folders can also look incredibly professional when bringing in your certifications to job interviews as proof for their records.

The graduate certificate folder is also customisable when bought in bulk.


Graduate Diploma Tube

The graduate diploma tube is an attractive accessory to feature in your graduation photos and a different way to preserve your certificate for the future. Whether you have completed a degree and head out into the professional world, or decide to stay in education to achieve a Master’s or PhD, the diploma tube will safeguard your achievements through it all. With its deluxe leatherette finish, the tube is a beautiful keepsake for graduates.

If you have a group of you who would like to purchase more than ten certificate tubes, then you can drop us a message as we could then look into personalising these. The personalisations would be the same on all ten tubes.


Teddy Bears

Who doesn’t love a teddy bear? Our graduation teddy bears are a cute keepsake to remind you of your special day whether it’s a school or university graduation. The teddy is a timeless gift that will provide love and attention for many a happy graduate. 



Graduation Stoles

Graduation Stoles can be used for a variety of reasons. Whether it is to illustrate a specific achievement or as a symbol of gratitude, a graduation stole can embellish your traditional black gown, and be a head-turning conversation starter for all graduates. The various colours available can also signify other achievements, so make sure you do your research. 

For those highly decorated graduates, you may even consider the Deluxe Graduation Stole, which has a half-inch binding to elaborate their achievements further.

Traditional Kente Graduation Stole

If you want to add an element of vibrance to your graduation attire, then the Kente Graduation Stole is a magnificent way to show off your achievements. Adding a plethora of colour in a ghana kente fabric which has been traditionally weaved, will make you stand out of the crowd. This stole is a perfect addition to your graduation and can be used for many other special occasions.

As you have seen, we have a wide variety of small and slightly larger gifts to praise students on all of the hard work they have put in over their educational journey. But we want to hear from you…

Which graduation gift do you think would be fitting for the person receiving your their award? Tweet us @GraduationGown to let us know.

We do, of course, have plenty of other options for great gifts in our shop. We wish you well in your future life and hope you have a happy graduation, starting many more joyous memories.

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