With the Graduation season just around the corner, we thought we’d remind you why Graduation Attire is steadily becoming the  choice for graduation clothing.

Delivery at the drop of a graduation hat:  You’ve probably been developing your procrastination skills throughout your school life, so it would be no surprise you’d leave your gown till the last minute! Luckily at Graduation Attire we offer FREE first class delivery, which means your gown will arrive within 3 days of purchase!

Turn that ‘gown’ upside down! Buying your gown avoids the many pitfalls of hiring, and enables you to keep a special memento from your final days of education. Below are several other of the many advantages if buying your gown as opposed to hiring:

  • Hiring your gown requires queuing on the day, which is time that could be spent with your family.
  • The cost of buying our high quality gowns is remarkably competitive when compared to how much hiring can sometimes cost.
  • Some institutes only offer each attendee a limited amount of ceremony tickets for family members. Having to return your gown the same day prevents you from going home with it and taking all those treasured photographs with the rest of your friends and family who couldn’t be there on the special day.
  • Buying your gown in advance allows you to trial and error different clothing you might like to wear underneath. For more information on this read our very useful blog post.

We don’t have term dates! We are open to orders Monday to Saturday from 9.00am to 6.00pm. You can also contact us via phone during these hours. We also endeavour to respond to any email enquiries within 24 hours.