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My Graduation Day (Before the days of Evess.co)

by Dominic Chandler
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We love to hear stories from our customers.  Luckily he discovered Graduation Attire when it came to his Masters, but it wasn’t quite as easy the first time round. We’re just glad we were here to help:

“It was the day that all my family had been waiting for. However, despite the celebrations, I was feeling a little uneasy. I was going to have to sit through a very long graduation ceremony and also deal with the awkward embarrassment of discussing degree classes with any peer who I wished wouldn’t ask; It’s clear to say I didn’t get the result I deserved or expected.

Nonetheless, some weeks prior to the event I had gone online to hire my graduation gown. It wasn’t a straightforward online process, as I had to go through all the minute details including ceremony time, degree type/class, the robe details and then on to all the photography details. All in all my family were quite surprised at the cost of the whole thing as I was only going to be allowed to wear the gown for the afternoon.

When myself and several other members of my family arrived on the day I was quite nervous from the formality. Everybody was with their parents and wearing their gowns, plus I would soon have to shake hands with the Chancellor in front of several hundred people (not to mention the added fear in case he announced everybody’s individual degree class!)

The queue and amount of helpers for the academic dress was ridiculous, considering how many were graduating at that specific time and considering how many ceremonies would take place throughout the day. The gown was a little too small and the mortarboard didn’t feel secure. I honestly felt ridiculous and didn’t think I would be.

The photography was horrible. It was a long and slow queue in a large hall with about 4 different photographers partitioned off from each other but in full view of everyone. What was most disappointing was the FAKE diploma I had to smile and hold. I always thought that in those graduation pictures the student was holding his or her actual diploma; I was quite bemused. They took about half a dozen pictures, and didn’t even show me any to see which one I liked best (not that this picture was going on MY wall or anything).

When the photographs came several weeks later my mother was furious to get an A4 size framed photo of an albeit horrible photo. It was quite cheeky that they chose the picture and sent us the other photos they took passport size. Of course it was one of the smaller photos they took that we preferred. We sent it back and asked for it to be reframed and resized.

Only a few months later when I discovered Graduation Attire (Now Evess.co), I thought, if only I graduated the following year I could’ve bought my gown in advance. I could’ve had it delivered to my house within a few days, tried it on and worked out what I could have worn underneath. I would’ve saved a ridiculous amount of time and money also.

As for photography, I would have much rather taken my own photographs. That way I could come home from the ceremony (wearing my gown I didn’t have to return the same afternoon) and throw a mini graduation party where I could’ve had proper pictures taken with all my friends and family in my own environment, instead of a couple of quick snaps in a hall just to ‘keep things moving’. (I could also have held my own certificate…) I could’ve had my favourite resized at the local pharmacy and bought a nice frame for much cheaper.

In future I will passionately steer any student towards Graduation Attire as they seem to have the student’s best interests at heart whilst maintaining a respectable status as a company.”

We’d love to hear your stories too. Why not get in touch and help make graduation memorable for all the right reasons.

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