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We’re Making 2023 The Year of Sustainability

by Dominic Chandler
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After an amazing 2022 for the Evess Group we have already been thinking of ways to make 2023 even better. One way we’re going to achieve that is by making 2023 the Year of Sustainability

Simply put, sustainability is an important aspect of our business. Part of our mission statement is to utilise “the technology advancements and environmental approaches alongside the traditional conventions to deliver experiences that rival those who have come before.”

We already baked that early into our business by having our graduation gowns made from recycled plastic materials, saving approximately 30 plastic bottles from polluting the seas with every gown made.

Additionally this year, we will be launching our first Barrister Gowns made out of this material, proving that our customers can change the world without compromising their ethics nor their professionalism.

Furthermore, we ensure that we offset our carbon footprint in the manufacturing process as well, but keep tuned as we’ll have more to say about that in the future. Whilst we’ve already achieved so much in our quest for sustainable practices, we don’t want to stop there and are going to be creating a series of guides on how we achieve this for others to take inspiration from.

We will be setting up an internal Team to plan and monitor our progress as we work towards ISO certification. You’ll be able to follow our progress on this in an upcoming blog series.

These steps are only the start to achieving our goal of working to embed sustainability throughout our entire company and services.

You can read more about sustainability goals on our website and you can keep track of our progress by following us on LinkedIn or joining our newsletter.

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