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American Graduation Gowns

by Martin Lewis
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American Graduation GownGraduation Gown USA


American Graduation Gowns are indeed colourful and elegant. This is evident in graduation ceremonies held across the U.S.A who showcase their own faculty colour system on graduation day.

Identifying the Colours at Graduation Day

The faculty colour system in America is based on the Inter Collegiate Code (ICC) which you can find online defining the colour for each faculty. It is also used worldwide as the guide on what should be worn if a university does not have a graduation gown.

For instance, much of Europe does not use graduation gowns, however, an academic in Switzerland wanting to wear a graduation gown would probably refer to the ICC to see what would be appropriate to wear.

The American faculty colour is normally shown on the velvet of the hood, and also on the facings and sleeves of the gowns for Ph.D. level.

The lining of the hood is normally coloured to show which American institute the award has been achieved at.

Another example is at Harvard who dresses its doctoral candidates in crimson gowns and undergraduates pair crimson hoods with their black gowns.

Various robes in other schools are worn to indicate from which school or study the graduate has earned a degree.

Some schools are large enough to host separate graduation ceremonies for each level of degree earned. The school wide graduation ceremony is extremely colorful, displaying an extensive range of robes representing all areas of study.

Some students will also create creative designs using art supplies on their graduation caps. This creativity also allows a more personal touch to be displayed on graduation day.

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