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How to Attach a Graduation Hood to a Gown?

by Martin Lewis
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You want everything to be perfect on your graduation day. What you wear and how you look are two very important factors in contributing to a successful graduation day. However, a question that appears on a very frequent basis is ‘How Do I Attach a Graduation Hood to a Gown?

Fixing the Graduation Hood 

There are many different approaches on how you can attach your graduation gown to your hood.

Although the hoods have a loop at the bottom which should be hooked on to a button on your shirt, many people don’t wear shirts and it is very much a problem with females who prefer to wear dresses.

In the past, a common method used to be to pin the hoods in place but with the top being so delicate and sometimes expensive some people have switched to using Velcro.

However, this technique is quite expensive and the costs to alter your Graduation stock are high and time consuming. Moreover, if the gown has the velcro but the hood doesn’t then you get the situation where you will have two black squares of Velcro on show.

Alternative Methods to Fix the Graduation Hood

Various companies have different ideas in approaching this issue. http://www.cecilebiot.com/ have developed a unique magnetic technology which replaces the need for damaging pins. This practical piece of university memorabilia will ensure that your academic dress sits properly and looks good.

However, there are pros and cons with every method but in New Zealand, there is also another clever method which bypasses the need for a buttoned shirt which will be especially welcomed by the female generation.

For the boys, you thread some cord or a strong equivalent through the hood. The cord can then attach itself to the buckle in the males belt securing the hood.

The same method applies to the ladies except they tie the cord around their waist thus securing the hood and allowing the wearing of all types of dresses.

These examples will certainly ease the pressure of how you are going to secure your graduation hood to your gown and allow you to enjoy your graduation day and create lifelong memories.

For a visual guide to fixing the graduation hood please view the Youtube video below.




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