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Children’s Graduations Trending in the UK

by Martin Lewis
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Traditional childrens graduation gowns are worn complete with mortarboard and tassel. The ceremony is seen as a celebration of making the big step from nursery to primary school. Proud parents can watch their children collect their certificate and enjoy the fabulous ceremony.

Organising a pre school graduation ceremony is no easy task and it is only appropriate to celebrate this moment with an event that will be memorable. Location is important and you need to take into consideration how many people will be attending. Families consisting of Mums, Dads, Uncles, Aunties and other family members will all expect a seat at the graduation ceremony.

Weather permitting, outside on the school field can be a great venue for accommodating the extra numbers however do check the weather forecast before organising and always have an indoor venue as a backup in case of sudden changes with the weather.

Next, on the list is the all important graduation outfits. Some nurseries make their own graduation caps and gowns from everyday recycled items. The children can use their creative skills and help to make their costumes in time for the ceremony. However others prefer to buy a specially made graduation gown complete with cap.

Here at Graduation Attire we’ve seen large increases in sales of children’s graduation gowns through our Graduation Gowns UK website and our EU websites. We supply a UK version of the traditional graduation cap and gown and also a traditional US version which are all available in various colours, sizes and designs from Graduation Attire.

So the location is set, the graduation outfits are ready and all that is left is for the families to enjoy their child’s graduation day.

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