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As choir singing returns, how can I make sure my choir is performance ready?

by Dominic Chandler
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5 tips to help ease your choir back into performances

With the eventual reduction in covid restrictions, choirs are starting to feel the excitement of performing again. As we brace ourselves for a summer of festivals, concerts and church gatherings, we want to help prepare your group to be back to the choir singing in full swing and with no hints of being out of the limelight for a year. 

But how do you prepare your choir after such a substantial time away? We answer some of those questions here, hoping that this can give you the jump start to get back on the stage with confidence and clarity. 

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Be prepared by knowing the rules

Although the restrictions are reducing, there will still be rules in place to ensure that some social distancing measures are adhered to. Not only will you see these measures in places of worship and summer festivals, but also the distances between your chorister’s. The government websites are a perfect place to look for these guides. If you give your choir group the information, then they will be better prepared from the offset. 

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Socially distanced rehearsals

As we mentioned before, the proper preparation can make a substantial difference for the choir concert performance day. Understanding your venue and replicating it in a socially distanced manner can help your chorister understand exactly what is expected of them. Setting up your rehearsal space correctly can prepare them and give them confidence that they can sing and be safe at the same time. 

Make your choir feel respected and cared for by putting their safety first. Bringing things like hand gel and disposable masks if someone forgets their own will let them know that you have their best interests at heart and give them confidence that you have their back.

As we all know, confidence is critical, and rehearsals can draw out that confidence and improve performance tenfold. 

Adding new and modern songs to your usual repertoire can also add another level of focus for your singers. The classics will need to be practised, but the addition of some upbeat music to rehearse can get the choir moving and singing their hearts out. Doing something new is always exciting. 

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Welcoming newcomers

With all of this extra time on our hands, you may find that many people have been allowed to step away from their 9 to 5’s and have given more thought to their dreams. We are all guilty of having a hobby we wish to try but have never had the time to experience it. With the instability of our current situations, more and more people realise how valuable time is. 

Welcoming new voices to the choir can bring a new sense of wonder. The enthusiasm from a person trying something new or trying something they have desired sometimes can bring excitement and zing that may have worn off on those who have been doing it for years. 

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The right attire

Putting on a robe to sing is like wearing confidence. During rehearsals, everyone in jeans and tees gives a friendly, relaxed vibe to your training. Yet, nothing breeds confidence when your choir group steps onto the stage, like all donning the same robe. 

The matching colours of your choir’s robes not only look impressive from a spectators point of view but will also make your chorister feel like part of the group. That unity will bring everyone together, and within unity comes confidence like no other. Our robes have been created to inspire confidence and showcase the professionalism of those who wear them. Made with lightweight polyester or a polyester/silk mix, our robes are light, breathable and come in a matte or shiny finish. 

If you want to take it to the next level, we also have beautiful choir caps and choristers ruffs.

Music. Unity. Community.

We, for one, cannot wait to see and listen to choirs again and feel that the summer is going to bring with it some mind-blowing choir performances and an even stronger sense of community than before. Music has always been something that has brought people together. Since we have been apart from longer than we could have expected, we look forward to seeing your choirs achieving their goals and performing classics and modern music alike. 

Let’s make it a summer like no other. 

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