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Lights, Camera and Graduation

by Dominic Chandler
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If you need your Graduation Ceremony recorded to a very high standard then contact Graduation Attire for a high quality, competitively priced video.

All University Graduation Ceremonies are filmed/recorded to provide live streaming to venues outside of the Cathedral allowing friends and families who can’t make the actual ceremony the chance to enjoy the grand occasion.

Graduation Attire can provide a well shot professional production catching those moving speeches from guest speakers and graduates collecting their certificates on the main stage. Please have a look below at a recent high quality recording we produced.

Call 01234 880956 for a video package to suit your requirements.

Graduation Attire also supply a wide range of  graduation gowns and caps for children’s graduation ceremonies through to the adult version and also gowns for the legal profession. To view the full range click on the website to find the graduation gown for you.

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